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The purpose of this blog is Essentially to Chronicle our personal faith journey and that of a place that we call LIFE House West. Why Life Nuggets? Because Nuggets bring to mind a sense of fun and enjoyment, show me a child who is sad when they get to eat chicken nuggets..... Things like life, and following Jesus should be fun and we want to explore those things in a light hearted and fun way, so please, enjoy...

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30 years old, married, Father of four children (2 boys, 2 girls) 2 cats and 3 dogs (black lab, english bulldog, and pug)

Friday, August 15, 2008


As of late I have come to the conviction that prayer is the most important part of the Christ centered life. It seems that we have neglected it in the midst of "doing" stuff for God. What if we could begin to live a life that is filled with balance between prayer and then having good works be the outflow of a life that is dedicated to prayer?

It is an interesting thought. Why not begin to ask your friends, neighbors, your family, how you can pray for them as well as just asking God to bless your food and meet your needs?

What if we began to spend time in prayer just to be with God? What if by doing so our life could then be a blessing to others? I have begun to believe that a life like this can actually change the world.

I am working on living a life like this, why not try as well?