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The purpose of this blog is Essentially to Chronicle our personal faith journey and that of a place that we call LIFE House West. Why Life Nuggets? Because Nuggets bring to mind a sense of fun and enjoyment, show me a child who is sad when they get to eat chicken nuggets..... Things like life, and following Jesus should be fun and we want to explore those things in a light hearted and fun way, so please, enjoy...

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jesus Quotes

Hello again, welcome back for another LIFE Nugget. I have been doing some research for the new series that we are beginning this Sunday. Again it is called "The Pathway: A Study in the Life of Christ." In looking at a website I found called, I discovered some great quotes form various sources that are about Jesus.

It is interesting to note how Jesus is viewed by these various sources, people like Napoleon, Ghandi, Florence Nightingale, and a host of others sharing what they thought about Jesus. The impact of his life can be felt across a wide spectrum of people and cultures. Have you ever stopped and wondered why there seems to be a disconnect between Christ and his church? Ghandi is even quoted as saying that he would be a Christian but for the followers of Jesus.

I think that we have lost the idea of what being a real Jesus follower is about. It is not that I think that there aren't any followers of Jesus right now, or that we as believers are all just a bunch of losers, I just think that we forget what the basic idea of being a follower or a disciple consists of.

The basic premise of being a disciple is to strive to be just like the person that you are following. I think that this is where we miss the point. We have to return to the place where the primary focus of individual believers and churches at large is to produce people who are diligent in their striving to live like Jesus. I believe that when this is the mindset of believers and churches then everything changes. When our actions are as convincing as we believe our words are then we are a little farther down the path of connecting with what Jesus understood. A life well lived is just as important as the words that are spoken.

So how does your life look? Does it look like the one that Jesus lived? Are you working on that? Perhaps that is a good place to start. I am working on that and I trust that you are doing the same.



Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Welcome back for another edition of LIFE Nuggets. Sorry that this one is coming a little later than usual. This weekend we will be finishing up the series we have been going through called "The Song." We will be moving on to our next series that I am calling "The Pathway: A Study in the Life of Christ."

I am psyched to start this one. Taking time to study the life of Jesus is in my opinion something we do not do enough. It seems like Jesus becomes an afterthought to church life. Personally, I feel that if Jesus is who the church proclaims he is, then we must return him to the central role he should occupy.

You may be saying that Jesus is the center. In certain cases that may be true but in most cases he is not. We make Christian bill of goods and services that we offer the point. We make pop culture political issues the point. We make ministry position the point. The list is endless.

In studying his life, the things that he did, and the implications of his life, I believe we can point to a complete and whole faith which can be lived out in a world that needs to see more of Jesus and less of all the other things we have made Christianity about.

So this journey begins with a question that is the basis for all we will study, who is Jesus to you?"

Post some thoughts on the responses let's all share our thoughts.



Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Exclusive Rights

Once again welcome back for another LIFE Nugget! I spent the weekend battling the cold, flu or whatever has been going around. I am starting to feel better which is great! You forget how much you take for granted moving at a busy pace when you can't. Thanks to God for healing and to all those who have been praying.

I have been thinking about the idea of exclusivity. When something is exclusive it is special. One of a kind. We will be talking about this idea in detail on Sunday. But I wanted to drop a question in to your minds. What is exclusive in your life? What are the things that you consider so special as to be set apart as exclusive?

God wants to be exclusive in our lives. We are in his.


Friday, February 08, 2008

The Year in Review

Welcome back for another life nugget. It has been quite a while since I have entered anything in here. Looking back at the past year it is staggering to see how far we have come. Amazingly, this time last year our building was not completed and we were scrambling to get it finished for our first gathering on Easter Sunday. With a great deal of hard work, a lot of fun, and a some teamwork, we pulled it off.

Since then we have seen 30 people come to Christ and 12 people baptized. We have had parties, kids crusades, trunk or treat nights, outreaches, fed the homeless, and served our community. What a year it has been. Seeing the "tribe" here at LHW grow from a handful of people to over 100 has been great to see. I am looking forward to what God has for us in the future.

It reminds me of Philippians 1:6 which says that God is faithful to bring to completion the good things that he begins is us. He certainly has brought some great things to pass here at LHW in 2007 and 2008 has already started off great. The Nugget for the day, then, is this, what does God want to bring to pass in your life? Are you open to what he wants to do? Have you taken the time to find out what he wants to do? I can be a challenging journey, but I promise that it is one that is worth taking. You will enjoy what he wants to do.