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The purpose of this blog is Essentially to Chronicle our personal faith journey and that of a place that we call LIFE House West. Why Life Nuggets? Because Nuggets bring to mind a sense of fun and enjoyment, show me a child who is sad when they get to eat chicken nuggets..... Things like life, and following Jesus should be fun and we want to explore those things in a light hearted and fun way, so please, enjoy...

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Way of a Pilgrim

Welcome back for another LIFE Nugget! Todays is a little different, I want to do a book review. I picked up the book, "The Way of a Pilgrim." two weeks age and have been taking my time and enjoying the book. Essentially the book is about one man's search for unceasing prayer. He travels around the nation of Russia in the late 19th century seeking people who can tell him about how to pray without ceasing. It is an interesting tale of one man's quest to find God and spend as much time in His presence as possible. Along the way he meets many interesting people and shares both Christ and what he has learned of prayer with them. On a whole I would recommend the book for anyone interested prayer and spending time in the presence of God.

What the Pilgrim, who remains anonymous, says has lead me to think a great deal on the subject of prayer and necessity in our lives. Romans 12:12 says that we should be constant in prayer and the book gives some good counsel on that. Can we build a constant dialogue with God into our lives? Can that be out goal?

Why not take some time this week to begin both to speak with God and listen to Him as well. It is certainly with the effort and you may be amazed at what the results will be.


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